44% Close down due to poor planning and execution. (ASIC)

Don’t become a statistic. Map out a plan for the 7 key business areas.
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  • I work ALL the time but I’m not getting ahead
  • I dread looking at my bank account and business numbers
  • I struggle with sales and marketing
  • I have a hard time setting goals, making a plan and sticking to it
  • I feel overwhelmed – where do I start?

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

When you start a business later in life you don’t have time to waste. I know how important financial security, more time with the people you love and more freedom to pursue your passions are to you.

That’s why we don’t fluff around. We tweak and improve what you have to help you work smarter and turn a profit. Our business advice and programs combine business savvy with mindset, systems and the right support so you can go from plan to profit quick smart.



“Before I met Alicia I’d been in business 18 months, things were going OK but I was working longer hours than I had in my job, but for a lot less money! I was exhausted, I couldn’t tell you with certainty whether I was profitable and I just kept avoiding the numbers because I didn’t know where to start.

After the first call with Alicia I knew I’d found the right person for me, someone who was warm and friendly, whilst having her eye on the detail and always holding me to account! This forced me to face-up to some of the areas in my business that I had been avoiding and the results have been astounding!

This month I’ve just kicked ass with my monthly turnover goals, more than doubling the previous month and I landed my largest contract to date! At last I know I’m not only profitable, but my pricing is based on a solid system that means I’m charging my worth!”

Lisa Kniebe, Stella Polaris Copywriting



We started our businesses to have more freedom, more money and to make an impact. Unfortunately, for most business owners it stays an elusive dream while they’re stuck in the lowest paying job they’ve ever had that requires 24/7 attention… their business. 

According to the Australian and Investments Commission (ASIC) the main causes responsible for over 60% of small businesses shutting their doors in the first few years, are:

1. 44% succumbed to poor strategic management (no clear plan, stuck in the daily running of the business and focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time)

2. 40% had inadequate cash flow or high cash use (under-charging, operating at a loss and having too many expenses)

3. lack of business skills (we’re embarrassed about our lack of knowledge or think we can figure it out ourselves but we waste precious time and cash flow).


Planning + Prioritising

To reach your goals you need to prioritise the right business activities each day for the stage of business you’re at and have a clear plan to follow. Knowing what needs to happen, by when and who to involve will help you be more organised and quickly move your business forward. Knowing your biggest distractions and what to delegate will free up space so have time to think, plan and focus on growing and automating the business.

Direction, Focus + Clarity

It’s essential to plan for the activities that will bring in money and move the business forward. So identifying bottlenecks and blind spots in your business, and knowing where your mindset holds you back, are invaluable to your business’ success. Having direction, actionable strategies and accountability to implement the plan consistently will give you confidence to back yourself and put you light years ahead of the game.


Business Foundation Skills

You most likely started a business because you’re great at what you do, but not so great at marketing, sales, outsourcing and finances. Before you know it, you work longer hours than ever before to get it all done and struggle financially because the business isn’t making a profit. Few us learn business foundation skills needed to succeed in the long run. If you’re tired of not making a profit and your business is running you into the ground, let’s chat.

A sounding board to bounce ideas off, brainstorming how to approach a situation or getting real-time feedback on a new strategy you’re trying is invaluable in shortening the learning curve and moving you quicker to where you want to go.





When you’re not getting the results you want a change in strategy or tactics is needed, which is a business pivot.

Our blueprint is a 7-step system that help you to streamline your business to make more profit, win back your time and be ready to act on new opportunities.



This is a 7-week, live online implementation program facilitated by Alicia Menkveld. We follow our 7-step system which is the key principles and activities needed to design a business to live the life you want.

During this 7-week implementation program we cover all the core areas of business. We start with a business audit followed by looking at our daily focus and identifying where and why we spend our time on the things we do.

We deep dive into mental toughness and resilience, planning, prioritising, marketing, systems and delegation. This is an intensive, roll-up-your-sleeves program that will allow you to implement the basic business structures you’ve been talking about for years but never get round to doing.

We offer a community of hand-picked business owners committed to supporting each other and accountability so you can do what you say you’re going to do and make success happen!



How confident are you in your ability to make success happen this year? Do you have systems in place so the business can run without you? Can you easily take on more clients without having to work longer hours?

It starts with being mentally strong, planning strategically and executing the plan consistently. Alicia brings 16 years of experience and business savvy to the table to help her clients reach their goals and lead in their business with confidence.

Every business can do with a fresh-eyes approach to identify blind spots in yourself and in your business because it’s what we can’t see that holds us back from optimising our business, our results and our income.

If there always seems to be a new crisis on hand with no time to focus on marketing, systems, building a team or even having lunch, it’s time to pivot and try a different approach, because a better business = a better life.

“Alicia is great at keeping me on track and helping me keep my momentum. Her business and life experience makes her an excellent sounding board which allowed me to expand my business with confidence. She challenges me and I leave sessions ready to achieve my goals.” 

Louise, Australia

“Working with Alicia dramatically increased my confidence and self-belief. Her unique process motivated me to take action and finally do things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I renegotiated my working hours, took on more responsibility, finished a home project and started dating!”

Helfride, Belgium

“This financial year is my best business year yet! Revenue increased by 212% versus the previous year and to think I was so worried about where the next client would come from when I first met you, what a turnaround! Thank you for believing in me, helping me to get organised, keeping me accountable and giving me a push in the right direction.”

Nola, Australia

“Alicia’s clear, concise advice helped me to go from concept to business with the retreats I planned. I didn’t know much about CRMs, systems, my target market or sales funnels and she gave me great strategies to work with and practical action steps to keep me motivated and accountable.”

Pip, Australia




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