Hey, I’m Alicia. I teach creatives, course creators & business owners the action steps to sell more and scale fast through online products and group programs.



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Growing a business is messy and unpredictable.

I’m sure you started your business to have more time, more freedom and more money for the things that matter most to you.

But perhaps like many business owners, you’re stuck on the time-for-money treadmill and on the verge of burn out.

You know you need to move away from 1:1 sessions to help more people and make a bigger impact. But you’re not sure where to start or have the capacity to create an online product or group program.

What else is possible for you if you had a clear path to growth and profitability?

It’s time to stop doing All. The. Things. and double down on what you do BEST. But it’s only possible with my favourite F-word…

As a straight-shooting business strategist, I’ve spent the last 20 years helping creatives and business owners move from struggling to creating a business and life they love.

If you’re tired of the time-for-money treadmill and want to create consistent monthly income with group programs and online products, it’s time for a shift.

Savvy in Business is a hub for creatives and business owners who want to build a profitable business to serve more clients, make more money and make a massive impact. It’s my mission to support you to make your ideas, a reality.

People need your expertise. And when you align your passion with strategy and implementation, you become unstoppable.

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Shape Up Your Business. Take back control and stop guessing. Make quick progress with personalised 1-to-1 advice.



Level Up. Achieve immediate and lasting results with high-energy, interactive workshops & in-house training.



Fire Up Your Audience to take brave action with easy-to-use strategies that power up their performance.


Hey, I’m Alicia

I’m a speaker, trainer, author and small business strategist who specialises in business growth strategies and business efficiency.

The creatives and service-based business owners I work with, are experienced and committed – sure of their vision but unsure how to get there. That’s where I come in.

I’m the creator of Savvy in Business, a hub for people who want to build a profitable business to serve more clients, make more money and make a massive impact.

My message is simple: Do Less, Better. I believe our most valuable resource in life, is time. Get clear on what a life and business you’ll love will look like, and I’ll show you the right actions to take, to make your idea a reality.

Your best life happens when you are focussed and consistent. That’s when you bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and get excited about your progress and what else is possible for you.



The world needs your point of view, your voice and your message. 


A Better Business = a Better Life. Profit means more opportunities to make an impact.


Simple action steps and systems guarantee more time, money, freedom and leverage.


It takes courage to build the business of your dreams. Be brave and make ideas a reality. 

“Alicia is great at keeping me on track and helping me keep my momentum. Her business and life experience makes her an excellent sounding board which allowed me to expand my business with confidence. She challenges me and I leave sessions ready to achieve my goals.” 

Louise, Australia

“Working with Alicia dramatically increased my confidence and self-belief. Her unique process motivated me to take action and finally do things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I renegotiated my working hours, took on more responsibility, finished a home project and started dating!”

Helfride, Belgium

“This financial year is my best business year yet! Revenue increased by 212% versus the previous year and to think I was so worried about where the next client would come from when I first met you, what a turnaround! Thank you for believing in me, helping me to get organised, keeping me accountable and giving me a push in the right direction.”

Nola, Australia

“Alicia’s clear, concise advice helped me to go from concept to business with the retreats I planned. I didn’t know much about CRMs, systems, my target market or sales funnels and she gave me great strategies to work with and practical action steps to keep me motivated and accountable.”

Pip, Australia


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