This is a question I’ve been asking myself for decades whenever I’m not sure how to approach a situation, when I face a new fear or whenever I want to snap myself out of procrastination.  

Because your bravest self is your best self. It’s the self that pushes us beyond our boundaries to create the life and business we want.

We all get glimpses of our best self every day. That little voice daring you when you’re afraid to take the next step, to speak up about something you don’t agree with, to make the call to a new potential client or to send that email to an influencer in your industry…


How often do you honour your bravest self by pushing beyond what’s comfortable instead of stepping back into safety again?


I’m your virtual business partner and productivity strategist.


I show you how to run your business more profitably and efficiently so you have time and money to live life on your own terms.

My Vision
My Mission

My story is about pivoting to live MY own version of success.

I started out as a secondary school teacher in South Africa but it wasn’t my dream…

As an act of rebellion, I went to the UK on a working holiday visa where I taught for two years and completed a Diploma in Marketing + Advertising. (pivot #1)

When the opportunity came along to establish a recruitment agency back in South Africa to recruit teachers for the UK market, I jumped on it. (pivot #2)

This was in the late 90’s and I’m embarrassed to say that I couldn’t even send an email at the time! I had to ask the guy at the local internet shop to show me how it’s done but as they say, where there’s a will there is a way.


This was my first entrepreneurial encounter but certainly not my last.


I established and ran the agency for six years and was rated the top recruitment agency in my industry at the time.

I became restless, so I joined a listed corporate company as a Branch Manager and later did management training and inductions nationally. (pivot #3) To say that the corporate world wasn’t what I hoped for, after having my own business, is a huge understatement but I did learn a lot of lessons and many new skills. 

I then tried my hand at starting another recruitment agency but it failed miserably as I chose the wrong business partner. Choosing a business partner is just as, if not more important, than choosing your life partner. (pivot #4)

It’s only after giving up destructive relationships and meeting my now husband (pivot #5), moving to Australia (pivot #6), working in a marketing position (pivot #7) and starting yet another company (pivot #8), that I really ‘found myself’ and defined what success looked like for me.


From the outside, it looked as if I had all the things the world tells you is ‘success’…


But I can’t say that it made me very happy. I was stressed, often ill, and certainly not fulfilled.

I realised that success for me, means focusing on a few core things in life and doing them really well like my relationship, my health and mindset, doing meaningful work and travelling as often as possible.

So I went on a quest to simplify my life and my business to live my version of success. (pivot #9) 

I stopped chasing money or aimless achievements and I found a formula that works for me where I live a very comfortable, fulfilled life doing work that matters and travelling the world every couple of months with my husband, without burning myself out.


Am I done pivoting in life and business?


It might sound dramatic, but I believe that if you’re serious about reaching your full potential and becoming the best version of yourself, you will continue to pivot and tweak until the day you die.

This excites me to no end, as I cannot even begin to imagine all the possibilities that will come my way if I continue to pivot away.

I truly believe that as entrepreneurs we can leave the most significant impact in the world because of our ability to make money and channel it into meaningful causes and projects, while being happy and living life on our own terms.


FOR THE LAST 16 YEARS, I consulted to companies ranging from small businesses to listed corporate companies in the areas of business strategy, marketing and sales. I’m a twice-published author and I often speak on business, bravery and productivity.

In essence, I use my education, experience and business savvy to help business owners just like you to make your ideals, REAL.


Alicia Menkveld

I’m a free-thinker who draws on a lifetime of challenging and rewarding experiences, sometimes failing and other times flying.

I have moved cities, changed partners and have been broke, overweight, ill and depressed… but I’ve never given up on my dreams.

I’ve lived on three continents to date and traveled to 65 cities around the world for work and pleasure… not bad for a small town girl from South Africa who didn’t speak English until she moved to the UK at 23 years old and whose parents have never owned passports.

For the last 16 years, I’ve consulted to companies ranging from small businesses to listed corporate companies in the UK, South Africa and Australia in the areas of business strategy, marketing and sales.

I’m also the creator of the Business Confidence Academy, 7-week online implementation program for business owners who want to streamline their business to support their lifestyle.

My varied life experience and business acumen offer my clients an attractive mix of psychology, business know-how, marketing and personal development.

I earned a B.Ed degree and later a Diploma in Business Management from South Africa, a Diploma in Marketing + Advertising from the UK, and I have various other qualifications in training, NLP and speaking from Australia as well as an international accreditation in team performance profiling.

I know how much succeeding in your business means to you. That’s why I’m here to help you tweak your business foundation, your marketing and your mindset so you can build a profitable and sustainable business that you can be proud of and that will support you for years to come. 

Get ready to see what’s possible for your business and yourself because I promise you that I will push your buttons, surprise you and stretch you while we smash your goals.


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