I’m a lover of books, pilates, green juices and pizza on Friday nights. I’m also fired up about helping you grow a profitable business the smart way.


I’m your virtual business strategist and growth partner.


I show you how to build a profitable business to live life on your terms.

My Vision
My Mission

If it’s profit you want, it’s time for a pivot (aka change).

With your to-do list out of control (and growing overnight) and your brain scattered across tasks, emails, marketing ideas, client conversations and getting back to everyone… you’re not sure what to do next or how to get it done!

You often wonder if you’ll ever get this thing called business, right. Everyone talks about a business being the fast track to more time, money and freedom, but so far…

You are overwhelmed, stuck in the weeds and feeling like you’re chained to your computer, with no way out and not a lot of cash to show for it.

I’m here to help – I show busy business owners how to grow their business the smart way.

That means you don’t work harder. You work SMARTER. You get better at managing your finances and your time. You start tracking what works and what doesn’t and, most importantly, you stay sane.

Bottomline––I’m passionate about you growing your business without all the overwhelm.  There’s an easier way, I promise.

Your dreams are waiting.

Here’s what to do first: remember why you got into business.

I think you got into this to be great. To have time to do what matters most to you. To have enough cash to live well. And to be free.

You don’t need to make a million dollars to feel good about your business or yourself. Get clear about what success looks like for you – not what you see on socials.


Get ready to go all in!


FOR 20 YEARS, I consulted to companies ranging from small businesses to listed corporate companies in the areas of business strategy, productivity and sales. I’m a twice-published author and I often speak on business, bravery and productivity.

I use my education, experience and business savvy to help business owners like you to make your ideas a reality.


Alicia Menkveld

I’m a free-thinker who draws on a lifetime of challenging and rewarding experiences, sometimes failing and other times flying.

I have moved cities, changed partners and have been broke, overweight, ill and depressed… but I’ve never given up on my dreams.

I’ve lived on three continents to date and traveled to 68 cities around the world and counting… not bad for a small town girl from South Africa who didn’t speak English until she moved to the UK at 23 years of age and whose parents have never owned passports.

For 20 years, I’ve consulted to small business and listed corporate companies in the UK, South Africa and Australia in the areas of business strategy, productivity and sales.

My varied life experience and business acumen offer my clients an attractive mix of psychology, business know-how, marketing and personal development.

I know how much succeeding in your business means to you. That’s why I’m here to help you tweak your business foundations and your mindset so you can build a profitable business that you can be proud of and that will support you for years to come. 

Get ready to see what’s possible for your business and yourself because I promise you that I will push your buttons, surprise you and stretch you while we smash your goals!